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Jacqueline Adams

Welcome To My Website

My name is Jacqueline Adams and I am a Holistic Therapist, passionate in all aspects of my work.

I trained and qualified as a staff nurse in 1983 and a midwife in 1987 in Fife.

I had a long, varied career within the NHS and the private sector in both Scotland and England.

In 2000 I left my nursing career to be at home with my young family.

I enrolled at a local college to study complementary therapies and I was so amazed at the effects of Reflexology during this course that I immediately sought further training in this field.

I completed my Classical Reflexology course with Angus Williamson at the Academy of Aromatherapy and Massage (Scotland) in Falkirk in 2001.

I moved to Largs where I set up my business, Enerjise, in 2004, specialising in Reflexology.

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Only You Hold The Key To Your True Potential

Let Me Help You Unlock It!

What I can do to help


Well being

Helps you to be all you can be and be resilient to stress in everyday life.

Release of Tension

Stimulates nerve-endings in your feet to release this tension, relaxing muscles and improve blood circulation.


An opportunity to take 'time out' to rest your mind and body.

Combat Stress

Take action to reduce the pressure or strain, worries or anxiety in everyday life.

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Soul Transformation

Soul Transformation Therapy/Soul Plan

A new spiritual counselling system

An interactive, talking therapy that works at a deep soul level, allowing you to talk about any feelings that are causing you to feel 'stuck' in life, in a safe, confidential, professional environment.

Identifying your deeper 'core issue'

We have the ability to identify exactly what the core issue is that is holding you back, using the specific energy cards that resonate with your own energies.

Helping you move forward in life

Once we identify the specific issue we have different options to help clear this 'block' to allow you to move forward in life, reaching your true life potential.

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Relaxation for the body and mind

This therapy is very 'light touch' and helps to induce a meditative type state. Excellent for all round relaxation.

Promotes natural circulation of energy throughout the body

By working directly with the extraordinary vessels and regular meridians we are helping to promote the flow of energy.

Encourages the body to achieve a balanced flow of energy

Working with the energy centre points helps to balance your energy flow.

A Yin approach to counteract the Yang excesses of Western lifestyle

Yin/Yang is the concept of two principles that combine in a complementary manner. It, therefore, helps to balance the whole, allowing us to live a more balanced life.

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Core Energy

Core Energy Cleansing

The ancient art of healing

Core energy is the essence of life itself – the energy source within us that makes us who we are – our own unique, amazing self!

Is your core energy off balance?

Do you have feelings of low energy, lethargy, uninspired, negative, self-critical, low self-worth, low self-esteem, angry for no reason, unable to focus and/or abundance blocks?

Do you feel you are not achieving all you want? Do you feel a lack of purpose?

A negative core energy and negative core energy blocks can be so harmful to our bodies and our emotions.

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Happy Clients

What My Clients say

Quite simply a god given gift this wonderful lady has. Reflexology with Jacqueline has changed my life. X


She has magic hands, the best person I’ve ever been to. Highly recommend.


I can’t recommend Jacqueline highly enough. She’s helped to heal some long standing health issues I had - I am delighted!! And she’s such a lovely warm, caring lady who lavishes her attention totally on you.


Jacqueline has a God given talent and she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is a very unique lady and I am proud to call her my friend.


Very clear passion for what she does...


Would highly recommend! I have regular reflexology sessions with Jacqueline and she has 'magic hands'


We all have an affect on a person or a situation, depending on how we approach that person or situation.

The words we speak or write, tone of voice and body language can have such a negative or positive effect on someone, lasting for a few seconds or up to a lifetime depending on what has been said and by whom. If the words and actions are positive this would obviously have a positive effect on the person and if the words and actions were negative this can have such a detrimental effect on someone, and may have an impact on their whole life.
This is all energy!

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