Core Energy Cleansing

Core Energy Cleansing - The ancient art of Healing

What is Core Energy?

It is the very essence of life itself. It is the energy source within our bodies that makes us who we are – our own unique, amazing self! It also defines our purpose in life.

Many natural healers will describe our core energy as our spirit or our soul.

We are born with a positive core energy and it is important to maintain a good positive energy throughout life.

This energy fuels our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well -being each day.

As we develop and grow in life, we become involved in different situations and with different people. This stems back from our birth all the way through childhood, teens, education, early working life, all the way through our adulthood life.

Life sure is a journey and we all go through life with different experiences, some more traumatic than others.

Core Elements

Ancient civilisations believed that the world/universe was composed of basic elements. These elements are perceived as energy forces that sustain and support life. There are many elements according to different beliefs.

In brief, The sun is so important and provides us with heat and light. It reflects off the moon to give us light at night.

The moon gives us our daily cycles, controlling our oceans/tides, and our rest patterns.

Water is essential for all living beings to survive.

Earth sustains us. We live on the earth and off the earth as it produces what we need to live.

Do you feel more drawn to the sun or the moon? Perhaps you like being by the sea or water or are more inclined to being in nature, in the hills or countryside. Or perhaps your have the same affinity for nature and water?

Core Energy


These elements play an important part in feeding our positive core energy and you may find that when you have been by the sea or out in nature, or in the sun that you feel more positive.

core energy

Our core energy is affected in negative and positive ways, depending on what is going on in our lives and with the people we are influenced by.

We are born into and may grow into different belief systems. We may be affected by self- limiting beliefs such as 'I'm not good enough, change is too difficult for me', 'I'll never be successful', 'I'll always be poor', 'I'm not important', to name but a few.

We may be in situations where we are experiencing guilt, abuse, control issues, lack of self -worth and unresolved grief.

These all affect our core energy and we may experience sadness, hurt, guilt, fear and anger.

These negative energies start to affect our positive core energy and it becomes misaligned, affecting our overall well-being causing us to become stuck in life.

These negative energies need fed, and we will actively, either consciously or subconsciously, find a way to feed those negative energies and end up self- sabotaging ourselves which ultimately stops us moving forward in life.

In many cases we may be more likely to have a dependency or addictive behaviour to alcohol, drugs, gambling, poor eating habits and unhealthy food, poor rest pattern or unable to rest well, emotions which can make us feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with our self or with others and the list goes on.

A negative core energy and negative core energy blocks can be so harmful to our bodies and our emotions.

core energy

When our positive core energy becomes low and we develop energy blocks, it can cause a lack of enthusiasm in life.

It will also influence the choices we make in life.

All aspects of our lives are affected, including our health, our ideas and concepts, our relationships and our work.

No matter who we are, we all absorb positive and negative energy every day.

We all fuel our core energy each day or we starve it. It is this energy that will influence our positive or negative self.

Is your core energy off balance?

If your core energy is off balance and in need of a cleansing, you may have feelings of low energy, lethargy, uninspired, negative, self-critical, low self-worth, low self-esteem, unable to complete goals or unable to have goals in any way, critical to others, angry for no reason, physical pain for no medical reason and easily agitated, unable to focus, abundance blocks, negatively comparing yourself to others.

Do you have negative core energy blocks that may be stopping you in life physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually?

Do you feel you are not achieving all you want?

Do you feel a lack of purpose?

Core Energy Cleansing - The Benefits

Core energy cleansing will remove the negative energy blocks, bringing your body back into balance! (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually).

This will give you more energy to maintain your overall well-being.

Core Energy Cleansing - What To Expect

As a qualified Core Energy Cleanser and Healer, I will explain in detail what the treatment will involve.

We will have an initial consultation and talk about where you are in life and in what areas you feel you need help.

The actual treatment may last from 45 minutes to over an hour depending on the level of cleansing required and the amount of negative energy blocks you may have. (In certain circumstances more than one full core energy cleansing may be required for the person’s core energy to be fully cleansed)

I will engage with you throughout the treatment and you will be lying comfortably, fully clothed, on a therapy couch in a safe, professional environment.