Soul Plan

Soul Plan

Have you ever wondered 'why am I here?'

Do you wonder what your purpose in life is?

Are you experiencing any repeating patterns in your life and wondering why this is so?

Are you feeling unsure about your life path and wondering which way to go?

Would you like to know yourself at a deeper level, confirming your direction in life?

Would you like help and guidance to realign with your life purpose?

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Soul Plan is an immensely powerful and accurate life purpose analysis system. It offers life purpose guidance, spiritual counselling and healing.

Soul Plan connects you to the very essence of who you are!

In Soul Plan we look to the ancient wisdom and teachings from an ancient book called the Sefer Yetzirah – the Book of Creation. This explains how creation came into form through sound vibration.

Additionally, in the 1980’s Dr Frank Alper, a spiritual pioneer, author of Exploring Atlantis and teacher of metaphysics, introduced a set of symbols and ‘Moses’ channellings under the title 'Numerology of Moses'

In the present format and system Blue Marsden, author of Soul Plan, extended on the original, added new interpretations and channelled additional material to form what we know as Soul Plan today.

Our Star of Creation chart that we use in Soul Plan shows a star tetrahedron showing two triangles. One pointing down to earth and the other pointing up to the sky. This star tetrahedron represents the energetic field we have around us and within this field we have our own set of vibrations that can be perceived as a code or program. The star symbolises the human Merkabah or energetic vehicle.

Soul Plan

Your Soul Plan reading is based on the sound vibration of your birth name.

Soul plan book

Does your birth name hold any family/generation names? Were you named after someone? How did your parents decide your name?

The name we were given at birth is our blueprint into this lifetime and it holds the key to your life’s plan.

When we experience a Soul Plan reading, our lives become much clearer. We can see and know ourselves at a very deep level and our whole outlook on life changes.

We are all born into different families and situations and, therefore, have different life lessons with the families we are born into. This extends to all whom we meet and associate with in our lives - from birth, through our early years, school years, further education and work circles.

The relationships we form throughout our lives are also teaching us different lessons.

Soul plan wisdom

Would you like to know more and have a deeper understanding of who you really are at a deeper level?

Then Soul Plan is for you!

Soul Plan will help you to understand why you have the type of life you have.

It will give you an understanding and awareness of...

  • Your life challenges/lessons
  • Your gifts/talents that you were born with
  • Your life’s goals
  • Your life purpose – soul destiny.

Your Soul Plan reading

Star of creation

Your reading can be in person or online via video -zoom, messenger or skype and will be around 75 minutes.

After receiving your original birth name, I will prepare your Soul Plan chart.

Your birth name is converted into the ancient Hebrew text. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet hence the 22 energies that we work with in Soul Plan. Each letter has a symbol and these will also be explained.

The energies from your birth name are placed around the Star of Creation chart and I will explain the meaning of all the energies in detail with you.

Each position on the chart has a specific significance.

We will discuss how your worldly and spiritual talents can help you to overcome your challenges and achieve your lifetime goals.

You will also receive a Soul Plan healing and higher purpose alignment. This involves receiving a deep activation of your own unique abilities and potential.

Having discovered your core essence, your direction in life and higher purpose, as well as receiving guidance on how to clear anything that may be blocking you from reaching your full potential, you may feel a sense of relief.

It will also increase your confidence and give you a sense of purpose in life.

As well as understanding your own life at a very deep level, you will also gain a greater understanding of others.

I have found these readings to be so rewarding. I had a personal reading in 2016 and it has completely changed my direction in life. I have a total understanding of my life plan and I view others around me in a total different way, knowing that they too have their own life plan.

We are all part of each other and the people we meet in our lives are all part of our growth.

It is fascinating to find out why we are actually here!

Clients have left feeling more positive about the future. ‘Doors’ have opened to allow a shift in their lives and perhaps a change of direction that they never thought possible.

If you would like to reconnect with your true life purpose then Soul Plan is for you!

Please contact me to book your Soul Plan reading.

Cost £95.00 (£45.00 deposit on booking and £50 on or before day of reading)
Payment by bank transfer

This is my own Soul Plan, painted by Christina Macadam (

My soul plan

For more information please watch this short video where I talk a bit more in depth about what a soul plan is and how it can help.

We are experiencing an energetic transition at this time and a Soul plan reading will help us to become more aligned with our Soul Purpose, gaining a better sense of beingness and life satisfaction.

Soul Plan Reader Practitioner Certificate Training

Would you like to learn to be a Soul Plan Reader Practitioner?

Would you like to help others to become empowered?

Calling all therapists, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Healers, Teachers, Spiritual seekers and anyone interested in personal or spiritual development!

You may want to benefit from this wonderful tool!

Soul Plan Reading allows us to know our clients at a deep level even before we meet them in person.

Soul plan book

This is an opportunity to learn an invaluable system of Soul/Life Purpose analysis. The purpose is to better understand our present incarnation and help awaken and activate latent potential for others and ourselves.

During this 3-day course you will:

  • Learn how to professionally present a birth chart
  • Receive the heart transmission for the 'Moses frequencies' (accelerate our growth and clear many redundant patterns)
  • Get the opportunity to analyse and understand your own birth chart
  • Analyse the charts of willing friends, family, partners and clients
  • Gain a greater sense of who you are
  • Develop and gain confidence in the channelling aspect.
  • Become aware of the health implications – e.g. which organs of the body need special attention
  • Look at different methods for healing/overcoming the challenge/lesson aspect
  • Analyse the vibration of your current name (which may /may not be serving who you really are).

On completion you will:

  • Be empowered to offer professional Soul Plan Readings (advice on appropriate pricing is given)
  • Obtain professional practitioner indemnity insurance
  • Possess a tool to help heal and empower yourself and others
  • Understand the purpose of many significant relationships and events in your life
  • Have access to support through our online forum and community

As a Therapist and Healer you will know before you meet a new client for the first time if they are likely to be experiencing:

  • Financial issues
  • Low self esteem/self worth issues
  • Possible suicidal tendencies
  • Repressed anger
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Co dependency
  • Manic depression
  • Addictions

You will also be aware of their possible talents and latent potentials such as:

    • Creative abilities
    • Business acumen
    • Unusual intelligence
    • Leadership skills
    • Teaching abilities
    • The ability to be a counsellor / therapist
    • Innate spirituality
    • Healing potential
    • Psychic/clairvoyant gifts
    • The ability to create a physical structure
    • Writing, singing or acting talents

This training is approved and registered with the Complementary Medical Association.


It is certified by the Holistic Healing College (London)



The course will run in person or via zoom.

Course fee is £445 (payment plans available) by bank transfer

The course will run over three days. 10-5 Friday and Saturday and 10-4 Sunday