Zu Quigong

Zu Qigong

A 21st Century approach to the ancient therapeutic art of external Qigong

Simple, calming and deeply relaxing.

Zu Qigong (pronounced Zoo Chee Kong) is a new complementary therapy technique, applying a very light touch and working only on the feet and lower legs. A deceptively simple routine, providing a therapeutic outcome that is gentle on the recipient and yet producing powerful holistic benefits. Many clients report it as being a meditative type experience.

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Why Zu Qigong?

Zu (pronounced zoo) is the Chinese word for foot/feet

Qi – translates as Energy, Vitality or Life

Gong – translates as Working with, Developing or Cultivating

Qigong can therefore be interpreted as:

  • Working with Energy
  • Developing Vitality
  • Cultivating Life

Giving us: 'Zu Qigong – Foot Energy Work'

About Zu Qigong

Complementary therapies are natural therapies designed to work with and support the body’s own unique natural healing abilities, hence the term – complementary.


These therapies can work alongside, or complement, conventional medication and treatment, often helping patients to cope with side effects, improving mood and general feelings of wellbeing.

The term holistic is synonymous with complementary therapies. Holistic or ‘wholistic’ put simply means that these therapies are believed to work on all levels of the human being – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects i.e. the ‘whole’ person. Unlike conventional medicine which tends to treat the physical manifestation of an illness, i.e. the symptoms; complementary/holistic therapies are believed to support the body to restore the natural equilibrium on all levels.

The human body is a complex and amazing ‘machine’ capable of adjusting and repairing itself. Medical intervention or assistance is generally only required when the body’s natural healing abilities become overwhelmed and can no longer cope.

To achieve a good level of repair, the body, like any other ‘machine’, requires adequate maintenance – i.e. good food, plenty of rest, appropriate exercise and minimal stress. We know that stress and our life style choices can have a significant impact on our general health and wellbeing. An estimated 9.9 million working days are lost annually to work related stress in the UK. (HSE survey 2014)

Chronic stress is now acknowledged in Western society as being a significant factor affecting our wellbeing, impacting on both our physical and mental health, leading to a wide range of health problems including; low mood, anxiety, headaches, addiction, digestive problems, sleep disorders, muscle pain, increased risk of heart disease, hormone imbalances, high blood pressure, impaired immune system etc. Consequently, our healthcare system is breaking under the increased strain, and as such we need to be more pro-active in managing our stress levels.

Complementary therapies should ideally be viewed as useful tools in your personal care and maintenance programme, working alongside diet and exercise. These therapies can help to relax and calm the mind and body, overcoming some of the stresses and strains that modern life encompasses, encouraging the body to work naturally to restore its own unique healthy balance. It is simply a question of finding a therapy that suits your individual needs; what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Complementary therapies are not miracle cures or a quick fix, nor should they be seen as a replacement for conventional medicine. They cannot alter your day to day stresses; that is down to you as an individual, your mindset and lifestyle but they can offer positive support, a coping mechanism.

Zu Qigong is a non-invasive complementary therapy, designed around the energy system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the basic principle of reflexology i.e. the theory that different points of the feet, hands etc. correspond to specific areas of the body.

The ‘energy system’ of TCM refers to the circulation of Qi or energy via a network of meridians/energy channels. It is this system which is used in treatments such as acupuncture and acupressure massage, and provides the theoretical basis for the exercise disciplines of Taiji and Qigong.

Eastern physicians have successfully applied the theories involved for centuries.

In Zu Qigong the feet are viewed as providing a gateway to the 20 main energy channels, giving access to the 12 Regular Meridians and the lesser known and deepest channels, the Eight Extraordinary Vessels.

Unlike classical reflexology, where clients can find the pressure applied slightly uncomfortable, Zu Qigong uses only a very light touch. The Zu Qigong therapist does not diagnose or treat specific illnesses, but works holistically using a simple routine designed to:

  • Relax the mind and body.
  • Promote natural circulation of energy throughout the body.
  • Encourage the body to achieve a balanced flow of energy.

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Zu Qigong offers a therapeutic approach designed to provide relaxation for the mind and body, helping to re-establish the internal balance and encourage the natural healing abilities of your body.

"A Yin approach to counteract the Yang excesses of Western lifestyle."

Take some time out to de-stress.